Monthly Archives: March 2017

Collection “Enchanted”

Long Kimono with Beautiful enchanted garden print

Before collection “Enchanted” was created, a  lot of you guys were asking if we would consider creating a more colorful  collection that would maybe even include some prints. This was a very sensitive question, as we did not wanted to step into something that was not our comfort zone. Flash you and me Lingerie is […]

Twinning! Lingerie That Blends With You By Flash You and Me

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Flash You and Me lingerie is made with You – yes, the whole lot of You – in mind. When put on a body, it’s You that gives our lingerie a character, it’s You that makes them your own! A bra, panties, bondage accessories or any other item You wear will look unique and completely different […]