Spinal Harness Black


This sophisticated bondage harness was made in honour of our brand’s 10th anniversary as a part of a three-piece set and was showcased at our book release event. Since we got so many positive feedback and requests to put it in the shop, we perfected the pattern and consruction and are now ready to present this masterpiece to you! The full set consists of Anniversary dress, the Spinal harness and anniversary choker. You can wear this playsuit with the original dress, any other sheer dress or a srt of lingerie.

The full-body harness has a unique and complex design. The back part features bondage detailing with golden rings that resembles the spinal bone structure. The straps are adjustable. The shoulder straps have hooks in the front and can be hooked directly to the anniversary dress or to the harness. The harness features 6 straps in the waist line that come up to the front and can be hooked and cinched while creating a beautiful waist line. The bottom part of the harness can be detached. When you order this harness, you’ll receive 2 pairs of bottom detailing – a pair or huge golden rings and a pair of suspenders for leg garters or stockings.

Create your own unique combination and look with this piece of art!

Your order will be packed in a lovely gift box.

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