Inspired by architectural forms, collection “Body Lines” is all about attention to details and accentuating a woman’s body using simple geometric patterns. The uniqueness of these pieces lies in the idea of everyday wear with a sportswear twist – something that you can wear doing yoga, but also would want to show off.

All of the pieces are made from black organic viscose jersey in combination with sheer nude or black mesh. All of the bondage detailing is done with the softest elastics so these pieces are made to blend with your body and movement.

These sets can serve as your day wear, but they can also be suitable for physical activities, such as yoga, pole dance, hula hooping or simple gymnastics.

We hope that this collection will also serve as an inspiration for you to try out new sports and reach new goals because it actually did the same for our team. While creating this collection, we came to conclusion that one of our team members started pole dancing, other one tried anti gravity yoga and someone else started rock climbing. So we hope you’ll have fun and good times wearing them!

Redhead Liga wearing high waist panties with delicate nude mesh paneling and matching bralette.

Very flexible Liza in the nude mesh set with decorative geometric straps

Liga in the nude mesh set with decorative straps.

Liza in our simple bralette and leggings.

Liga wearing the base jersey set whit high waist peek-a-boo panties.

Liza wearing the black jersey set and our chiffon kimono.

Liga falling perfectly in the shade of our nude mesh


Liza on her fingertips in the high waist jersey panties

Liga hiding in the lightest shade of nude…

Liza taking a break and doing the elbow headstand in our new collection pieces.

A close up photo from our jersey set with soft bondage straps. This was made as the ultimate pole dancing set.


Liza being her awesome self in our jersey leggings and bralette.


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