Fourth set from the Paris Photos Series with the spicy French model Karoline. She has a dark sense of humor, loves dancing and gaming and is full of liveliness. Rumor says she knows the secret to passion and eternal youth.
To see more of Karoline, follow her Instagram acount @karoline_cc! Photos by Liva Steina and Ilvy Kokomo. You can find links to all the products Karoline is wearing at the bottom of this post! To see more from the Paris Photo series, click here!
Karoline in our red mesh thong bodysuit and Alivia playsuit.
Karoline and Ilvy twinning in lingerie.
Delicate and sensitive – Karoline in our nude mesh babydoll top.
Classically French in our classic bondage lingerie set.
Karoline and Ilvy – this photo is a tribute to the fierce brand DSTM and amazingly creative photography of Ana Hell (https://www.anahell.com/)
Simply beautiful – Karoline in our basic mesh top and thong.
Karoline and Leslie wearing pieces from our collection “Depth”.

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