Lingerie for Halloween

I think we can all agree that Halloween is the sexiest of all Holidays. Whether it’s the party, the dressing up, the treats or tricking or just staying home and watching a horror movie – we can all find something to enjoy in it. As this is actually the first year that we are going to have a Halloween costume party at our Flash you and me Head Quarters, we are making a lingerie based costume suggestions. So take a look and make a sexy note!

The Red Witch.

Red is a color of power – mix your red harnesses with a gorgeous lingerie set and cover it with a sheer dress or kimono that is easy enough to slip of when the heat is on 🙂

Lingerie for Halloween

Spicy redhead Heidi in our red bondage garter set and french lace lingerie.

Kristiana in our red lace set posing with dead roses and skulls.

Couples Sets.

There are million of choices for couples costumes, but if you want to take an “easy but effective” road, I suggest to pair witch or vampire queen with a skull-boy or personal dog-boy. There is no limit of sexiness when portraying a witch and don’t be afraid to go over board with bondage accessories.

If you want to pair up in costume challenge with your bestie, don’t just both dress up in the same costume – if this will be the case, you will both be compared and judged by “who wore it best” standards. Better go with a similar look in different color. It will look effective yet individual!

Lingerie for Halloween

A Sexy Witch and Her Skull Boy

A little Angel and a little Devil. Black or white has never been sexier!

Lingerie for Halloween

Teasing is a part of a character.

Lingerie for Halloween

Posing can be fun when put in different places. Why not sit in a closet if you’re dressed up as a skull boy?

Lingerie for Halloween

The most important part – just have fun whenever you are ! At home, at a party or hiding away at cemetery..

A Silent Companion.

If you want to go to a party but are afraid to be alone or to have no one to talk to, choose a silent companion that will be your own personal support team. A creepy doll is always a good idea! A skull or skeleton, a cat or broom can be your thing! And of course a pair of sexy shoes is a great conversation starter.

A creepy doll is always a great idea!

You can get yourself fully and decently dressed in lingerie. Just layer sheer tops and leisure over and on top of each other.

Sheer tops and sexy stockings will spice up your outfit! Use pasties to cover your nipples and be decent in public. Or not!

Killer shoes for a killer babe!

Let the magic that lives in you shine through.


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