Long Kimono with Beautiful enchanted garden print

Before collection “Enchanted” was created, a  lot of you guys were asking if we would consider creating a more colorful  collection that would maybe even include some prints. This was a very sensitive question, as we did not wanted to step into something that was not our comfort zone. Flash you and me Lingerie is know for its simplicity in designs and its reserved color palette, but when ZIB* girls came to us with an idea for collaboration collection, we were all up for it! ZIB* is known for their custom made prints and bright colorful color palette so the idea was to combine Flash You and Me simplicity with ZIB* bold prints.

We decided on two color themes – one that would reflect our aesthetic (nude, white and black of course) and one that would reflect the cheerful colors of ZIB*.  We decided on our favorite animals – deers, humming birds, lions and unicorns and let the magic happen…

At the end we could not settle on only 2 prints – so we just included all for of them – The “Colibri”, The “Lions”, The “Deer in Flowers” and The “Dragonflies”. Also – did you know that dragonflies are nymphs? They spend the first years of their life underwater! How incredible is that?

Every print is created by an individual artist specially for the Collection “Enchanted”. We hope you like the result and hopefully this is not the last collaboration collection that you’ll see.

If you enjoyed the prints, feel free to see more fro ZIB* on https://zibstore.com/ .

Photos by http://aigaredmane.com/

MUAH by https://www.facebook.com/aija.udentina?fref=ts

Models : Vlada and Katya from http://www.freyjamodels.com/en/


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