When making a harness, we always try to imagine the woman wearing it. Is she flirty and sweet, or is she unapologetically sexy? What would she like to wear and how would she do it? So we are doing blog series on each one of our harnesses with illustrations by Alina Grinpauka, the inspiration behind it and style tips!

Emma is our most user-friendly harness – it is easy to put on, looks impression on or under a shirt and doesn’t  cost a million. You can just put it on like a vest and hook it at the back. We know it can be confusing when you get your first harness and then have to figure out all the straps… So we made it really easy this time! After all, Emma is one of our latest creations, so we have learned something after all the endless prototypes 🙂

We imagine Emma as the modern-day warrior. She is brave, can stand her ground and is an idealist. She is smart and decisive. Everything she does, has been a choice that she has made for her life. The harness is like an armor for her – she puts it on and is invincible.

Actress Jennifer Morrison as Emma in Series “Once Upon a Time”.

We were inspired by many colorful characters, like Emma Swan from “Once Upon a Time”, Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in movie “Emma”, as well as our actress crushes Emma Watson and Emma Stone. Plus, Emma Duval was the only survivor in “Scream”!

Emma Stone and Emma Watson being awesome and inspiring.

The Emma harness puts focus on your neckline, so it is wonderful for low-cut tops and dresses.

Diana in the very first “Emma” harness ever made.

Kristīne wearing our Emma harness in White with golden detailing.

Kristiana in her test shot with black “Emma” harness.

Katja looking fierce on the Runway with “Emma” armor.

Redilicious Kristine and “Emma”.

Our Muse Kristine in the latest photoshoot “Undressed Muses” wearing white Emma harness.



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