When making a harness, we always try to imagine the woman wearing it. Is she flirty and sweet, or is she unapologetically sexy? What would she like to wear and how would she do it? So we’ll be doing blog series on each one of our harnesses with illustrations by Alina Grinpauka, the inspiration behind it and style tips!

Let’s start off with the Louise harness, the first style we ever did. It is a very simple and minimalistic design that meshes well with a wide range of body types and personalities. It can be sweet and innocent, but pair it with sheer mesh lingerie and you’ve got a real stunner!

The harness was inspired by comic book character Lois Lane – a professional journalist by day, Superman’s lover by night. She likes to have everything on her own terms.

Among all our harnesses, Louise has the most color options – apart from classic black and white, it is also available lilac, mint, red, cherry red, navy blue, silver and gold color.


Beate is wearing the white Louise harness with golden sliders.

Style tips

The Louise harness looks great on all body types and shapes. Please check the sizing guide at the last picture of each listing and make sure to pick the right size using your waist measurements.

You can wear it with your choice of lingerie or incorporate it in an outfit. The Louise harness looks stunning when it’s peeking out of a shirt’s collar, over a fitted top or under a flowy crop top.


Kristine looks stunning in black Louise harness with golden sliders


Gorgeous redhead Ilze with cherry Louise harness


Beauty Vlada is wearing black Louise harness with golden sliders


Kristine in red Louise harness with golden sliders


Andra posing in mint Louise harness


In one of our first lingerie photos, Kristine is wearing the Louise harness in lilac

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