When The Sun Rises in The West and Sets in The East

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are all stories in making, consisting from many chapters that can exist without necessarily  being connected to each other. The person that we lived as 3 years ago might not even know the person that we are living at this moment. We walk through these chapters as dedicated to the moment as little soldiers to their cause. And we disclaim our past and we have no idea about our future selves..

And that is fine. As we are everything. We are the good ones, we are the bad ones, we are the stupid ones, we are the ones that make mistakes and the ones that create the world. We are Gods and Goddesses and we are the flirt, the magic and the sex in us..

So meet one of the stories around you – Heidi Romanova.

Pale skin Goddess, traveler, actress, nude model and I think there is a little in her from Mermaid and a Witch…

Photos by Liva Steina (Yours Truly)

Muah: Viktorija Safranova ( https://www.instagram.com/viktorija.safronova/)

Model: Heidi (https://www.instagram.com/heidi.rom/)

Heidi in our white lace set and base white stockings.
Innocence under cover
Heidi wearing our Red French lace set from the Luxury Collection and Red Hand-cuffs
Sneaky and Easy, this redhead is on fire!
Only when the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east she is gonna be yours. Elusive Beauty


Enchantress in our “Enchanted” kimono

Nude bodysuit and the right kind of bondage accessories..


Nothing but red lips and straps in the bed sheets
Dreams walking on their fingertips
Heidi fully dressed in our bondage sets – “Samantha”harness, Six strap garter set and hand cuffs. Tied but not restrained.



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