Waves of The Sea

Summer is a tricky thing. Sun has a habit of finding place in our bloodstream and leaving a part of her on our skin. For me summer is water. I could watch  endlessly the movement of waves and the sound of wind that breaks its wings on the surface of water.

For me winter is the perfect time for a vacation. I seek summer in the Mediterranean Sea countries. My summer is their winter. Everything is relative in the world of people.

This amazing photo series of Leslie Sauvage is how I feel what summer is. Photos taken by the sensual female photographer Celine Andrea for Forest Magazine. Lingerie Press by Brigade Mondaine – one of our stockists (https://www.brigademondaine.fr/)





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  1. Andrey 1 year ago

    So cute and beautiful! Celine Andrea is the best photographer! Flash you and me is the best lingerie!

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